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Welcome to Firesafe Industries

Firesafe Industries is a corporation involved in research and development in the chimney restoration industry. Since 1981, Firesafe and its nationwide network of independent, certified contractors have restored thousands of chimneys. Our 31 years of extensive fieldwork combined with the latest scientific research tools and technology have allowed us to develop higher quality products and more efficient repair systems, bringing Firesafe to the forefront of the chimney restoration industry. Additionally, our technical department custom designs formulas and systems for specific architectural, scientific, or engineering projects.

Our experience in ceramic engineering and polymer coatings has led to vast improvements in chimney lining systems and chimney maintenance products. Our chimney lining products and systems include the cast-in-place GUARDIAN chimney liner®, GUARDIAN S.C.R. smoke chamber restoration system, and the FireGuard ™ ceramic mortar joint and resurfacing system for vitreous clay flue linings. Our maintenance product, CrownGuard, is a severe weather crown repair and protection membrane.

Although Firesafe does not manufacture metal chimney lining products, our C.I.S.™ (PP) spacing system for metal chimney liners improves the chimney lining system and assures that the installation of the metal chimney liner complies with local and national building codes, and the chimney liner manufacturer’s specifications.