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ChamberGuard is an insulating, high performance, refractory pargeting material, designed to strengthen, streamline, and restore the critical smoke chamber area in a residential masonry chimney. Installed by chimney professionals, ChamberGuard smoothes jagged, corbelled walls typically found in the smoke chamber, and creates a smooth transition between the smoke chamber and flue liner. Removing jagged walls and creating a smooth transition into the flue typically improves the flow or draft of the fireplace. The unique insulating properties of the ChamberGuard material improve the safety of the chimney by reducing radiant heat transfer through the smoke chamber. Additionally, the proprietary formula of ChamberGuard creates a chemical reaction that decreases hydration fractures found in other smoke chamber pargeting products. Properly installed, ChamberGuard complies with the I.R.C. building codes and N.F.P.A.-211 guidelines for a smoke chamber pargeting material in residential fireplace chimneys.

Ascending view of damaged metal
smoke chamber.

Why choose ChamberGuard?

  • First choice of chimney professionals nationwide.
  • Improves safety of chimney.
  • Increases structural integrity of the smoke chamber area.
  • Typically improves draft or performance of the fireplace.
  • Twenty-five year limited guarantee.

Ascending view of smoke chamber
after application of ChamberGuard.

Ascending view of fire damage in smoke chamber after chimney fire.

Ascending view of smoke chamber after removal of heatilator.

Ascending view of smoke chamber after application of ChamberGuard.