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With the C.I.S. (Centering & Insulation System) process, your chimney professional can install your metal chimney liner to the highest standard possible. For maximum protection, conformity, and peace of mind, do not settle for anything less.

The C.I.S. process removes the inherent vice often experienced when installing and insulating metal chimney liners. By employing spacers around the metal chimney liner and inducing mechanical vibration to the chimney liner, the required 1″ minimum thickness of poured insulation is achieved. The C.I.S. procedure also enhances the safety of chimney liners with wrapped insulation. The C.I.S. procedure is compatible with fireplace and appliance flues.

The C.I.S. procedure improves the safety of the chimney liner installation and ensures that the installation is in full compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications, I.R.C. 2006 building codes, and Underwriter’s Laboratory UL 1777 Standards For Chimney Liners.

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    Why choose the C.I.S. (Centering & Insulation System)?

  • Dramatically improves the safety of the chimney liner.
  • Provides full compliance with manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Provides full compliance with International Residential Code 2006.
  • Provides full compliance with Underwriter’s Laboratory UL 1777 Standard For Chimney Liners.