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The crown of your chimney, typically comprised of concrete or cement, is the top or lid of your chimney. The function of your crown is to be your chimney’s first line of defense against water damage. A properly designed, installed, and maintained crown facilitates waterrun-off from the top of the chimney down the sides, thus preventing standing water and potential damage from freeze/thaw cycles. Unfortunately, masonry crowns, because of their inability to expand and contract with temperature changes, naturally fracture (photo 1). Fractures in the crown allow water to penetrate through the crown into the underlying brick and mortar joints. Subsequent freeze/thaw cycles cause further damage to the crown and the underlying mortar joints, and the bricks to fracture (images 2 & 3). With each passing season, the deterioration compounds and accelerates, ultimately requiring expensive repairs. If left unattended, your chimney may even require rebuilding. During a routine chimney service, your chimney professional will identify any possible problems with your crown. If problems are detected, your best defense against costly repairs is to protect your crown before severe deterioration begins.

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CrownGuard is your most cost-effective, longest-lasting, preventative measure. CrownGuard and CrownGuard HP (specialized winter formula) are proprietary blends of compounds formulated for permanent adhesion to masonry surfaces. The superior bonding properties of each CrownGuard product cause the materials to form permanent membranes over the entire surface of the crown, effectively sealing all fractures. CrownGuard‘s rubber-like properties provide a flexible, 100% waterproof seal (images 4 & 5). Once properly applied, each CrownGuard product repels water immediately and flexes with the crown as the chimney expands and contracts with temperature changes. CrownGuard HP can be applied in severe weather conditions, even down to -40 degrees F. Now, your chimney professional does not have to wait for warm or dry weather to protect your chimney. Each CrownGuard product can be applied over an old crown with fractures or over a newly laid crown, protecting the chimney when damaging fractures occur. Each CrownGuard product is formulated to withstand severe UV light, heat, and acid rain. Unlike other water-base crown products, CrownGuard will not peel or separate from the crown (image 6). Each CrownGuard product is backed by a limited, lifetime guarantee (ask your chimney professional for details or contact us).

Why choose CrownGuard?

  • First choice of chimney professionals nationwide .
  • Permanent, waterproof membrane.
  • Maintains flexible properties – will not crack.
  • Applies in extreme temperatures (-40 F to +140 F).
  • Service temperature range (-40 F to +250 F).
  • Resists water immediately.
  • Superior ultraviolet resistance.
  • Economical.
  • Resealable.
  • Crystal clear.
  • Mildew resistant.
  • Limited lifetime guarantee (ask your chimney professional for details).

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