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Guardian SCR

Structural fire created by hidden workmanship defects.

For the discerning clients that demand the utmost safety for their homes and families, the GUARDIAN S.C.R smoke chamber restoration system is unsurpassed.

Through ceramic and refractory engineering and extensive research and development, the GUARDIAN S.C.R system is the most thoroughly tested and approved procedure to date. The GUARDIAN S.C.R cast-in-place process restores the critical smoke chamber area of a masonry chimney with only 1″ thickness. No other product has passed the stringent Underwriters Laboratory U.L. 2505 test at 1″ thickness. The unique chemistry of the GUARDIAN S.C.R material provides the greatest thermal barrier available, protecting surrounding framing from dangerous levels of heat transfer. With 1″ of GUARDIAN S.C.R material, combustible objects such as wall studs, floor joists, and roof trusses are permitted to be in direct contact with the exterior surfaces of the chimney smoke chamber. Additionally, the chemistry of the GUARDIAN S.C.R material and the method by which the system is installed dramatically increases the structural integrity of the entire smoke chamber area. The GUARDIAN S.C.R material actually penetrates into the smoke chamber walls creating an internal, reinforcing matrix binding the smoke chamber surfaces together.

Structural fire created by hidden workmanship defects.

Ideal for restoring corbelled and irregular smoke chamber walls, the GUARDIAN S.C.R system creates smooth interior walls that typically enhance the performance or draw of the fireplace. The GUARDIAN S.C.R system is also ideal when the flue is being relined with stainless steel. With the GUARDIAN S.C.R system, the transition from the smoke chamber into the new stainless steel flue is streamlined, again, creating optimal performance of the fireplace.

Of equal importance, is how the GUARDIAN S.C.R process renders the smoke chamber compliant with the stringent 2006 International Residential Building Code for One and Two Family Dwellings. This critical sanction protects your client and you—the contractor.


When your clients demand the best, the solid choice is GUARDIAN S.C.R…

Why choose GUARDIAN S.C.R.?

  • It is the only smoke chamber restoration product to be tested and listed by U.L. at 1" thickness.
  • Provides the greatest thermal barrier tested, subsequently, protecting surrounding framing from dangerous heat transfer.
  • Dramatically increases structural integrity of the entire smoke chamber area.
  • Provides the most efficient configuration for the smoke chamber, thus, enhancing fireplace or appliance performance.
  • Addresses hidden workmanship flaws by solidifying the entire smoke chamber area.

Test chimney with severely
corbelled (stepped) walls.

Test chimney after Guardian S.C.R. installation. Note how corbels are smooth.

Guardian S.C.R. creating a smooth, efficient transition into the flue.